kids complaints


At the Centre of Health our practitioners are geared to treating families. We take particular care of the 'little people' in our lives with homeopathy, naturopathy, and massage. We are trained to manage a range of children’s conditions, in conjunction with conventional medical treatment where appropriate. You do not require a referral to us from your doctor for your child. Each child is assessed individually to find the best way to manage his or her health problem. Your child may be suffering from summer complaints such allergic hay fever or asthma - homeopathy, naturopathy and massage can help your child! It is possible help your child safely and effectively, without interfering with treatment from your family doctor.  Of course, where tests and referrals to other health professionals are necessary, we will not hesitate to suggest or organise these for your child.

We can help your child with the following conditions (and more!): 

  • Allergies, hay fever and asthma. 
  • Digestive troubles such as constipation or anxiety-induced indigestion ('butterflies'). 
  • Eczema, dry skin and atopic dermatitis. 
  • Anxiety, apprehension and other mood disorders. 
  • Sleep disturbances, poor sleep and bad dreams. 
  • Headaches, neck and back pain and postural complaints. 
  • Recurring ear infections (glue ear) enlarged tonsils and adenoids. 
  • Difficulties with concentration, attention and learning (ADD and ADHD). 

These complaints as well as many others can be safely and effectively treated with natural therapies. Give us a call on (02) 97132633 or if you wish to discuss how we can help you and your child.

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