natural homeopathic remedies


Specialising in homeopathy, the Centre of Health Sydney provides a range of natural homeopathic remedies and tissue salts from ‘Aconite to Zincum’. We utilise decimal, centesimal and fifty millesimal potencies and dispense tablets and liquid preparations. We also supply quality homeopathic creams for bruising, skin conditions, burns and arthritic pain. We always source the finest products within Australia as well as those from New Zealand, India, Holland and the UK.

We supply high quality homeopathic first aid kits supplied by Simillimum Pharmacy in New Zealand. These are available in beautiful leather bound pouches, perfect for a handbag or glovebox. They come with an easy to use manual. Excellent for a range of conditions from coughs and colds to bruises, stings and sleeplessness.

David Levy also distributes homeopathic computer software (ISIS, Akiva and Cara) from Miccant (developed in the United Kingdom). Visit for product details and then why not email for a list of current prices and further details. If you already use a homeopathic software product but are considering moving to ISIS Vision, a very competitive upgrade price will be offered.








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