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Kim Caldwell homeopath and remedial massage therapist

Poonka is registered with the NSW Psychologists Registration Board, and is a member of the Australian Psychological Society. Poonka also holds a Masters degree in Social Health. Poonka has a number of years experience in child protection and working with families. She has expertise in trauma and attachment, and is skilled in strengthening relationships within families. Poonka’s current work in child protection includes providing training and consultation to Department of Education to support schools in managing challenging behaviours in students affected by negative home situations. Poonka also has experience working with adults affected by psychiatric conditions and mental health challenges. Poonka is dedicated to ongoing professional development and supervision in an effort to provide the best possible service for her clients.

Poonka’s work with children, adolescents and adults include:

  • Assessment and intervention for child protection issues or trauma related difficulties.
  • Counselling for generalised issues: anger, anxiety, depression, and low self esteem.
  • Parenting consultation for managing challenging behaviours.
  • Family therapy and relationship difficulties.
  • Social skills training
  • School  difficulties
  • Grief and loss
  • Drug and alcohol misuse.
  • Development of individualised and group intervention programmes
  • Training and in-services for professional

Referrals and rebates:

  • Medicare registered service provider. Referrals can be obtained from local G.P to be eligible for medicare rebates
  • Registered with private health funds

Contact Poonka:

phone: 0424 730624


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