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If you have been referred to our Centre, you probably have some idea of the services we provide. If, however, this online visit is your first to our Centre, a very warm welcom to you! To come to The Centre, you do not need a doctor's or other referral. We are glad to be of service to all, so you are welcome to bring yourself, your family and friends without any referral whatsoever. Let's say you are concerned about a particular health matter and you are not sure whom you ought to see at The Centre. In this case, simply and we will recommend you to the most appropriate practitioner available with us.

This will save you time trying to decide which therapy or service will best meet your needs. Let us assist you in this decision. On the other hand, if you have been directly referred to one of our practitioners, you can phone, fax or email us and we will make an appointment at a suitable time. If you want to contact your practitioner, most are available via our internal email. For example, you can contact or send your practitioner a personal message of enquiry.

The following services are currently available at The Centre of Health Sydney. 

A complete schedule of fees is available when you enquire at The Centre.

About Naturopathy

Naturopathy deals with a range of issues including anxiety and stress, boosting wellbeing, digestive and bowel disorders, immune system support, increasing energy levels, individual nutritional planning, inflammation and joint problems, metabolic disorders, preventative health care, skin conditions, toxicity buildup, weight concerns and many more health problems.

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