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As the Distributor of  Cara and  ISIS software, David is also available by appointment to demonstrate the application of these programs. Whether you are a home prescriber, a homeopathic student or an experienced professional, the most suitable program can be found for you, at the right price. Feel free to phone David on (02) 97132633 or email with your enquiry.

What customers are saying about our ISIS software

"I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with ISIS vision, it's more powerful than I expected, and full of some really nice features. The tutorials are great, they are clear, and reveal some very nice functions. Thanks for introducing me to the system, it's nice when things exceed your expectations every now and then!"
(TK 2007)

The Families program:

Families is a computer program designed to guide you towards those families of remedies most indicated in your cases. Using whatever case information you provide Families will analyse, match and determine which homeopathic families seem most similar to the case.

No repertory and no materia medica are used. Families operates directly on the data you supply - either the themes that you have determined after analysing a case or even a full case transcript. Underpinning all that Families does is a comprehensive database of words and expressions for many homeopathic families and miasms.

Due thanks, credit and acknowledgement must be given to the two homeopathic pioneers in this field whose work provided the basis, framework and inspiration for Families:

  • Jan Scholten for providing modern homeopathy with a system of understanding and using the elements and minerals represented in the periodic table.
  • Rajan Sankaran for his unique insights, initially into Plant families and Miasms and more recently with Minerals and Animals.


The Families database contains information published by many homeopathic authors primarily Scholten, Sankaran, Vermeulen, Mangialavori, Morrision, van der Zee, Le Roux and Shah.

There are 2 distinct parts of the Families system.

  • The first and main part uses all of this information from all authors.
  • The second part of Families is a system that works in the way that Rajan Sankaran uses families and miasms. Should you purchase and use the Sankaran System with Families then only data supplied by Rajan will be used for analysis purposes when you use the Sankaran System.

The Sankaran System also includes the following 4 Sankaran publications:

  1. Sankaran Schema 2005 (displayed as a full colour PDF file)
  2. Miasm Charts
  3. Sensations of Homeopathy (2 volume work)
  4. Insights into Plants (2 volume work)

The text of the latter two may also be searched - simply type in a word or expression into the “Find” box provided at the top of the display to step through every match.


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